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Kathy Oien

April 7, 2017

Hi, Tommie,
Blast from the past when you were with CS.
When the band played in Denver, CO you used to stay at my father's house at times. I worked at Saturday 's night club.
Was a very memorable time in life.
Just wanted to say Hi and hope you are well.

Angel Lee & Gabrielle

March 18, 2013

hi t-lee xoxoxoxo


April 21, 2012

It's good to see that you are still singing. I've tried to follow your career because I have always loved your music.
How's Sidney? I remember playing in the cemetary. Do you?

Take care,


April 18, 2012

Tommie Lee:

It was such a treat to be able to chat with you out in Kemah! Mike and I both really enjoyed the live act, as well as the CD!

We will be on the look-out for an opportunity to catch your performance again (soon, I hope).

Lasses les bons temps rouler

Mike Lonchar

April 18, 2012

Glad we were able to see you perform Saturday at Kemah. Very surprised, but grateful, of you taking time to visit with myself and Robin after your set. When you speak to Tony B. next, please let him know I said "hi"! Loved the CD "Soul Soup" - all tracks are great and that is unusual!! Look forward to seeing you perform again!

Bobby Cruz

March 13, 2012

Tommy Lee!!! Finally found you! Hope you're well. I heard from Connie Marshall a couple of years ago. She's doing great up in central California. I'm still playing locally, married for the second time to an outstanding drummer, Suzanne Morissette, and still having fun! My web site is Hope to hear from you soon. Any plans to come out to California at all? Love to hear you again!
God bless you and your dogs. We adopted a 7 year old pit in January after my 11 yr old passed in December. They are the best dogs!
See ya!

Michael perimon

March 6, 2012

Its great to see you still performing,would love to see you perform again. Haven't seen you on stage since the JimmyDon Smith and the cold cuts era.


February 18, 2012

LAST NIGHT AT STAFFORD WAS FAB!! especially loved loved loved first and last song, yall were great.

Ms.Sheri Lavo

July 20, 2011

Miss ya honey !! OXOXOXO

Marilyn Miller Gendusa

June 5, 2011

Tommiw Lee - it was so good to see you last night. I am in awe of you and your awesome voice!!!!!! It is beautiful!! Hope to see you soon!! Love ya...Marilyn

Adrienne Finch

February 25, 2011

Cannot wait to see you again.

Mee too!!!

judy gutierrez

February 22, 2011

would like to know where your gigs will be in 2011 ... you rock.

I will let you know - thanks.

Mz Pantheress

February 12, 2011

Hello Tommy Lee

Can't wait to see your performance at the House Of Blues on the 21st.

Scott Steven Schultz

January 11, 2011

Hi Tommie. I don't know if you will remember me but years ago I saw you at the Golden Bear with Cecelio & Kapono and The Big Mac Theater. I sent you some roses, 1 of which you attached to your microphone at the next show. I came back stage and we chatted and I was telling you how much I loved your singing in A Perfect Couple. I eventually became friends with C&K(Henry said if I ever came across you to say hello)and I've always wondered how you've been. I will keep following this site seeing that I've always loved your voice. I hope you've had a good and happy life and may that always continue.


November 26, 2010

Love the pictures!


September 18, 2010

Hi Tommie Lee,

It's K and K from Kingwood Area (We use to see you at Forest Club/Kingwood Nights Club--long ago)....We really miss hearing you sing....Look forward to reading your upcoming Calendar Events soon...We would love to hear your beautiful voice again!!

Cathy L Bishop

August 2, 2010

Between your voice, Julie Good, Terri Hendrix and Karen Lovely, I have learned the art of downloading music. I haven't heard good Tex blue since an old nightspot in Dallas in the early seventies named MotherBlues. It was before your time, kiddo, nd keepm up that angel music.

John tomasino

July 21, 2010

Hey there shoot me a email

Becky Williams

July 6, 2010

We all need to have a J. U. G. S. dinner event again VERY SOON!
That was so much fun & you didn't lose your keys....You still the "rock momma". I love to listen to Soul Soup and the country CD. Love you girl.......

Hi Girl! Wish you come sing with me and Leah on Saturday, July 10th at the Bistro Calais on 2811 BammeL Lane we start at 7:30 -ish. Please come if you can. I love you, TLee

Frank Pellegrino

July 5, 2010

Just remembering the 70s when you were with BLT in LA. I was a good friend of Lynn's your room mate and followed you all around LA Do you still keep in touch with Lynn? I still have the place card from the Roxy. Good to see you are doing well.
How wonderful to hear from you! I'm not sure where Lynn is, but , I'll try to get in touch with Jerry Watson, she usually kept in touch with him. I ocasionally talk to Lothar. My husband of 18 yrs now - wow!hard for me to believe?!
we rescue animals and sometimes even give the "Foster's" to good homes. Right now we have 6 dogs (all sizes) and 2 cats. I still sing in the studio, live gigs, big band society gigs are my day job money and at church when I can wake up and go - it's so damn early! Great to hear from you. Love, TLee

Joe Romano

June 10, 2010


Ralph Stenzel Jr.

May 3, 2010

Tommie Lee! It's been a long time. Looking forward to the birthday party this weekend. Do you plan on singing some Patsy Cline?


March 16, 2010

Tommie Lee! It's been a long time! I've been listening to :Soul Soup" and "Looking for a Friend"! You are an amazing artist and I miss seeing you LIVE! You were vocally brilliant in Beehive and Patsy Cline. Your Mucky Duck performances were awesome too! You are my favorite vocalist of all time!!! Love ya girl!!

John Bockelman

October 13, 2009

Hi, Tommie Lee! This is a great site, it showcases your marvelous talent to a "T"! Hope to see you soon. JB

Louie Broussard

July 2, 2009

Hey Tommy Lee...Long time no see...I miss making music with ya...Having fun out here in LA...Let me know if your ever playing out here...I'll let Willie know you have a web site...Later...Louie

Dana Rogers

June 20, 2009

Tommie Lee! I sure miss hearing you, lady. I'm still in Houston, tryin' to buy a house (it's all set up but I can decide where to 'get'). I HAVE to hear you sing "The Devil Is A Liar" by Seawind before I croak. I've been wishing I could hear that probably since Darrell Parrish played it for me the first time in 1985. If I can help that come about anyway, let me know!

Love ya',


Timothy Perez

June 16, 2009

Just want to say Hi. I hope all loved ones are healthy and happy. Please let me know what's up in your world and if are you performing anywhere soon?
Best Wishes,
Tim Perez

Sharon Liggett Conry

April 24, 2009

Just heard your Soul Soup CD. Fantastic